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Colca Canyon Treks

Most people who visit the Colca Canyon do it as part of a one or two day organized tour of the villages along the edge of the canyon which requires very little exertion. However, the more adventurous can descend into the canyon itself on foot. There are numerous trails in the area, a couple of which are detailed below. Although you can trek year-round the best months are May to November (i.e dry season).

Colca Canyon 3-day Tour

Day 1: Bus to Canyon de Colca - San Juan de Chucca (5 hrs)
Day 2: San Juan de Chucca - Cosnirhua - Malata - Sangalle - Climb back up to Cabanaconde (6 hrs)
Day 3: Cruz del Condor - Chivay - Arequipa
Companies offering this tour include Colca Trek (see Recommended Arequipa Tour Operators)

Colca Canyon 7-day trek

Day 1: Bus to Cabanaconde
Day 2: Cabanaconde - Puente Colgado (Rio Colca) (6 hrs)
Day 3: Puente Colgado (Rio Colca) - Mina (9 hrs)
Day 4: Mina - Cerani Pass (5100m) - Quebrada Cerani (9 hrs)
Day 5: Quebrada Cerani - Chacas (6 hrs)
Day 6: Chacas - Valle de los Volcanes - Andagua (6 hrs)
Day 7: Bus to Arequipa
Companies offering this tour (itinerary may be slightly different) include Carlos Zarate Adventures (see Recommended Arequipa Tour Operators)

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