Festival Dates Lake Titicaca


Festival Dates Lake Titicaca

Puno "Folklore Capital of Peru"

Puno is often referred to as the "Folklore Capital of Peru" celebrating numerous fiestas throughout the year and having over a hundred traditional dances.

The following are fiestas that particularly important in the Lake Titicaca region:

06 January Epiphany

02 February La Virgen de Candelaria is one of Puno's most spectacular festivals and can spread out for several days. The music and dances are often better in the streets than the official events organized at the stadium.
La Virgen de Candelaria is also celebrated in other towns around Lake Titicaca including Copacabana on the Bolivian side.

7-8 March the Feast of Saint John the Baptist

02-04 May Alacitas (miniature handicraft fair in Puno)

03 May Feast of Santa Cruz or "Holy Cross" (Isla Taquile)

16 July Virgen de Carmen (Pucara)

25 July the Feast of Saint James (Isla Taquile)

24 September Virgen de la Gracia "Our Lady of Mercy" (Juliaca)

1-7 November Puno Week with dramatization of the legend of Manco Capac & Mama Ocllo

If you plan to visit during any of these festivals it is a good idea to show up a few days in advance or make a reservation. The room rates also increase during the larger festivals such as La Virgen de Candelaria and Puno Week.

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